• Xavax Persoonlijk Noodgeval Alarm

Xavax Persoonlijk Noodgeval Alarm

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  • Emergency alarm with an alarm siren (approx. 118 dB) and a red flashing LED for self-protection at home, in a shop or in an office, etc
  • For discouraging unauthorized persons (e.g. burglars)
  • Attracts attention from passers-by in case of an emergency
  • Ideal for the elderly or sick persons that are caught in an emergency or for protection e.g. from intruders
  • Mounting by means of a wall bracket or for using with a neck strap
  • Low battery indicator
  • Remove or insert the metal pin to trigger or stop the alarm or press the on/off switch
  • Quick and easy to mount

    Note for Consumers:
  • Required batteries:
  • 2 alkaline batteries, AAA, 1.5V (not included)The batteries must not be corroded or leaky as this can cause permanent damage to the product
  • Make sure to insert the batteries correctly (polarity!)
  • Do not use new and old batteries together or batteries of different types
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Correctly dispose of empty or used batteries (recycling), dispose of them separately from domestic waste, do not burn them
  • Exchange used batteries straightaway

  • Danger of personal injuries: prolonged exposure to the alarm tone can cause permanent hearing damage

  • Geluidsterkte: 118 dB
  • Lamp: Nee
  • Materiaal: Kunststof
  • Aantal Batterijen: 2
  • Batterij Type: AAA
  • Stroomtoevoer: Batterij
  • Kleur: Rood

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